Ricoh LogoRicoh is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of digital and analogue photocopiers, established in Japan in 1936.

Since 1980, they have been marketing photocopiers and office equipment via a network of dealers in the UK, recently celebrating 30 years of success.

Ricoh have a notable track record for innovative and sustainable business solutions, promising 360 degree solutions for all your workplace needs.

Here are some of the best Ricoh High Volume Photocopiers to consider.

Aficio MP5002 – from around £5000*

Ricoh Aficio MP C5002
Ricoh Aficio MP C5002

For Ricoh High Volume Photocopiers that achieve faster speeds, you may want to consider the MP5002. This mono, A3 photocopier copies at fast speeds of up to 50ppm, double-sided copying and an ADF (automatic document feeder) are standard. The MP5002 Ricoh High Volume Photocopiers are multifunctional devices which means they also have faxing, printing and scanning capability, you can choose from a variety of upgrade options when you make your purchase. They are ideal for medium to large sized workgroups and the range of add-ons means your copier will be tailor-made for your business.

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Colour Ricoh Aficio MPC2530 Photocopier -from around £2000*

Ricoh Aficio MPC2530
Ricoh Aficio MPC2530

Promising cost effective and compact colour solutions, the MPC2530 is a popular colour model, selected from the range of Ricoh High Volume Photocopiers. Reasonably priced, offering speeds of up to 25ppm for mono and full colour, this model offers the opportunity to carry out colour printing in house. A multifunctional device offering copy, print and scan with a range of add-ons such as fax means you only pay for what you need. The machine warms up in just 25 seconds and has a resolution of 600dpi for quality output.

Ricoh Aficio MP6002 – from around £6500*

Ricoh Aficio MP6002
Ricoh Aficio MP6002

This mono device provides solutions for your entire workflow with copying, printing, scanning, faxing and finishing options. MP6002 Ricoh High Volume Photocopiers achieve fast speeds of 60ppm, ideal for busy offices and multiple users. A true workhorse, with an engine built for peak performance – the MP6002 can handle 150,000 prints per month at 1200x1200dpi. A6-A3 copying with a maximum paper capacity of 8300 sheets, the MP6001 has a multitude of other features to improve the functionality and productivity of any business.

Ricoh Freestanding Multifunction Printers

ModelPrice To Buy (£)Price To Rent (£/m)Width (cm)Depth (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)BW Copies Per MinuteCopies Per Ink CartridgeInk Refill PricePrice Per Copy (pence)Paper CapacityColourPrinterFaxScanBindingA3
Aficio MP C2530199939.9858.765.584.6100251000026.350.261600YYYYNY
Aficio MP C2550207941.5858.765.584.6100251000037.590.381600YYYYNY
Aficio MP C20302599.251.98458.765.584.6100201000037.590.381600YYYYNY
Aficio MP C20512794.0955.881858.767.684.6100201000033.440.331600YYYYNY
Aficio MP 28522897.2557.94558.765.382.875281100036.50.333150NYYYNY
Aficio MP 33522968.859.37658.765.382.875331100027.950.253150NYYYNY
Aficio MP 2352SP2998.859.97658.765.382.875231100026.470.243150NYYYYY
Aficio MP 2852SP30006058.765.382.875281100043.80.43150NYYYNY
Aficio MP C25513046.360.92658.767.684.6100251000026.420.261600YYYYNY
Aficio MP 4002AD319563.967.168.389.497403000061.80.214400NYYYYY
Aficio MP 3352SP354670.9258.765.382.875331100026.430.243150NYYYNY
Aficio MP C3002AD4258.885.17667.168.387.9120302800070.080.254400YYYYYY
Aficio MP 5002AD5008.8100.17667.168.389.497503000041.270.144400NYYYNY
Aficio MP C3502AD5066.4101.32867.168.387.9120352800089.340.324400YYYYYY
Aficio MP 4002SP5236.8104.73667.168.389.497403000051.70.174400NYYYYY
Aficio MP C4502AD6116.4122.32867.168.389.4133453100075.130.244400YYYYYY
Aficio MP 5002SP6320.4126.40867.168.389.497503000041.270.144400NYYYNY
Aficio MP 60026557131.1469.180117.12146043000132.290.318300NYYYYY
Aficio MP C5502AD7245.6144.91267.168.389.4130553100077.020.254400YYYYYY
Aficio MP C4502SPDF780015667.168.389.4133453100077.020.254400YYYYYY
Aficio MP 75028298165.9669.180117.12147543000131.170.318300NYYYNY
Aficio MP C5502SPDF900018067.168.389.497503100077.020.254400YYYYYY
Aficio MP 900210892217.8469.180117.12149043000132.290.318300NYYYYY
Aficio MP W510014635.2292.70412575.4119.9230102200118.095.371YYNYNY
Aficio MP C6501SP16130.16322.603274.985.1122.9298654320051.880.127400YYYYYY
Aficio MP W714017840.4356.80812575.4119.9230142200138.936.321YYNNNY
Aficio MP C7501SP19489.58389.791674.985.1122.92987543000118.80.287400YYYYYY

* Note – Prices for Ricoh High Volume Photocopiers can vary dramatically. Many businesses choose to lease high volume copiers from authorised Ricoh dealers; therefore, there are great incentives for those paying cash, in full. Shop around to ensure you find the best solution for your business.

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